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April 28, 2012

by DailyKenn.com

Note to liberals: This is your cue to accuse me of being anti-free speech.

Truth is, however, that I firmly believe Stephen Colbert's "comedic" rant against physically handicapped columnist Charles Krauthammer is protected free speech. You may watch his jab here.

Colbert has every right to demean Krauthammer, just as he has the right to belittle cancer victims, Christians, Republicans and people with HIV. 

Charles Krauthammer
Take note: Having the right to do something doesn't make it right to do something. In this case Colbert exercised his right to be wrong. 

Krauthammer suffered a paralyzing automobile accident in his first year of medical school leaving him paralyzed for life from the waste down. He managed, nonetheless, to graduate with his class. 

His biography, though extensive, can be summarized as follows:

• American Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated columnist
• Physician; Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School (1975)
• Began contributing articles about politics to The New Republic (1978)
• Speech writer to Vice President Walter Mondale (1980)
• Coined the phrase "Reagan Doctrine" in Time article (1983)
• Board certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (1984)
• Nightly panelist on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier
• Highly regarded as a leading conservative voice in the Obama age

And therein lies the rub. He's a conservative.

Stop and think.

When was the last time you heard a liberal accuse conservatives of being intolerant bigots? 

My guess? Within the last five minutes; particularly if you happen to be tuned to MSNBC, CurrentTV or The Comedy Channel.

Leftists love to rage against those with whom they disagree. Their hateful diatribes can be summarized as hate-filled, bigoted vendettas against those they accuse of being hateful and bigoted. 

It's hypocrisy. Plain. Simple. 

Colbert's jab at Krauthammer is a classic example. The fact that Krauthammer is a courageous example of overcoming physical obstacles is secondary. The fact that liberals harbor a double standard is primary. 

The American left launched their War on Conservatives by concocting a War on Women with Rush Limbaugh at the center of their dart board. Limbaugh's sin was calling an unmarried, 30-year-old college student who required a constant flow of tax-funded contraceptives a "slut".

Those same liberals who were shocked in awe of Limbaugh's insensitivities will brush aside the mean-spirited slaps from Colbert. No apology needed. He was just joking, they say. What the big deal?

The 'big deal' is that so-called 'progressives' have two sets of rules. Imagine a basketball game in which one team is allowed to commit fouls; the other team is not. Imagine a media game in which one player, Bill Maher, can call Sarah Palin a c*** while Don Imus loses his job for uttering the phrase, "nappy-headed hos". 

Colbert isn't the only leftist immersed in double standards. 

This week a hundred or so students walked out of a speech on anti-bullying. It seems that Dan Savage was making the presentation in which he bullied Christians in his audience, cursing them, and demeaning social conservatives for not heeding his advice. 

What's peculiar is that liberals fail to see their own inconsistency. It's as if their bigoted, hateful rants are justified in that they teach their victims the pain of being victims of bigoted, hateful rants. 

And here's a video I bet you haven't seen. 

Gay rights advocate, Kate Clinton, says she begins each day wanting to spit on Christian fundamentalists.

Imagine a Christian comedienne joking that each day begins with spitting on lesbians.

Sorry. I fail to see the humor. 


  1. Colbert did not make fun of Krauthammer's physical disability; he made fun of Krauthammer the same way that he would make fun of anyone be they liberal or conservative. Simply having a physical disability does not shield one from the barbs of Colbert, Jon Stewart, or any other comedian.

    I think that your outrage is misplaced.

    1. And simply being a satirist does not shield one from being responsible for incendiary remarks, especially when those remarks are so typically hypocritical as is common from the left. Further, it doesn't matter whether he made fun of his physical disability or not. Liberals always go apoplectic when anyone (anyone but them) speaks about a person's physical appearance, so his remarks show clearly one more demonstration of the ridiculousness that is the American left. Here, let's do a little experiment. "Candy Crowley should have kept that fat bunghole shut during the Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. Taking Obama's side is completely against the standards for mediation of a debate and she proves what fat, bloated cow she is and she should go on a diet to keep all that cellulite from clogging what would be a brain, but is instead nothing but a miniscule glob of fatty tissue." There, see how that made you mad?

    2. I think you fail to see the difference between subtly and wit and just being mean. Calling the large lady marshmallow lady would be a wittier jab . what you said is jsut obviously to be mean. There is a difference....Oh and I am disabled so I have this shield of immunity and can not be wrong , according to your logic.

    3. Also, what does this lady have to do with Steven? I can show you clips of absolutely loony and conservatives that make her look like a saint. She isnt funny nor relevant to Steven. Find a example that is little known or supported can be done for any large argument. I can show you abuse of food stamps and examples of why we need them. I can show you examples of african americans who are terrible and others who work hard. Using a single example doe snot show a trend.

  2. I disagree, "Good to see him getting work." does in fact seem like a jab at his disability... it is just like if I were to say to Colbert, can you hear people from the right? Or can you only hear them when it comes from the left side?

    1. he is referring to count chocula getting work moron.

  3. "Good to see him getting work" is a jab at Krauthammer's disability? Seriously? Has Krauthammer's disability interfered with his ability to obtain work? Of course not. The guy is incredibly busy.
    It works as humor only because Count Chocula was a character from an ad campaign some 20 years ago.
    Colbert poked up at Krauthammer because Krauthammer looks a little bit like Count Chocula. His disability has *nothing* to do with it.
    You either didn't get the joke, or your outrage is feigned.

  4. I wouldn't classify Krauthammer as a conservative. He's a neocon and a very dangerous neocon because he is influential, and has a lot of conservative leaning people thinking another war in Iran is a good idea.

  5. The point of the opinion is the HYPOCRISY, people.

  6. Krauthammer is brilliant. Thought you kool aid drinkers didn't judge by appearances? Hypocricy!!!!


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