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April 2, 2012

Australia learns to screen immigrants

Need workers?

Try Africa. 

That continent has an overflow of manpower with a starvation level that supposes an eagerness of high quality, cheap labor. 

Or try the Middle East. 

Muslim countries are entrenched in poverty eased only by oil wealth. 

But when Australia recognized a need for dependable, skilled workers, it avoided Africa's sea of humanity and the hungry workers of the Middle East. 

Instead, the Australia is looking to America.

Australia will host its first ever skills expo in the United States. Interested workers will discover what jobs are available and how to apply. It's civil engineering workforce will grow from 35,000 to 75,000. 

To meet the demand Australia is slashing its waiting period for American workers. It's also assessing worker skills in the USA prior to traveling to Australia. 

Consider, for a moment, that Australia has had near-open border immigration for years. During this time the nation was flooded with immigrants from non-European countries. 
One would not expect a shortage of workers in Australia. 

It appears the lesson Australians are finally learning (or finally admitting) is that not all immigrants are equal. 

We wonder when America will learn the same.



  1. I would like to go, I have enough of America. I love my country, served in the military and worked for the government.

    I got injuries, legal problems and pain. Most from affirmative action and race issues


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