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September 25, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- An East Asian actor was found murdered in the Hollywood Hills, Calif. home of a popular Canadian talk show host. 

Foxla.com reports a male "described as black, about 5-feet-8 inches tall with a thin build and short black hair" was seen fleeing the scene. 

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CNN.com reported Hong was the victim of a burglary attempt. The CNN internet article failed to mention the suspect was black, apparently in an effort to reinforce the cultural Marxism myth that blacks are always victims. It's a strategy some say is lying by omission. 

The victim,  identified as actor Richard Hong, was found murdered in the home of George Stroumboulopoulos.

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Barack Obama has embarked upon a draconian plan to racially integrate by government force every neighborhood in the United States. Ostensibly, the plan is to allow blacks access to government service provided in white neighborhood. 

Hollywood Hills will not be exempt. 

Privileged white liberals who attempt to escape violent black crime by isolating themselves in insulated Jim Crow neighborhoods where they can immerse themselves in abject denial are increasing finding themselves forced to face reality 

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