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August 10, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- The federal government projects white people will still be a majority in the USA in the year 2060. 

See chart below

A persisting and widely spread urban legend claims that white Americans will be a minority by the year 2040. That legend may be true, but it contradicts projections provided by the U.S. government's census bureau. . 

Based on 2015 data:

According to projections provided by census.gov, there will be 416,795,000 citizens in the nation in 2060 of which 285,314,000 — or 68.45 percent — will be white.

Currently there are 318,748,000 citizens in the nation of which 246,940,000 — or 77.47 percent — are white. 

Although white people will still be a majority, their numerical decrease relative to the entire population will likely tip the democratic process towards the far left. 

Our presumption is: If Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election, he will likely be the last Republican to occupy the White House. 

Source ► (see page 9)

In 1980 Ronald Reagan won the presidential election by a landslide with 56 percent of the white vote. In 2012 Mitt Romney lost the presidential election with 56 percent of the white vote. 

In 2016 56 percent of the white population will be 159,776,000 citizens, or an estimated 38 percent of the overall national vote. Currently 56 percent of the white population is 138,286,400 or 43.38 percent of the overall national vote. That is, about five percent of the national vote will shift to non-whites, the majority of whom support the collectivist, Marxist views of the Democratic Party. 

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  1. Well that's good news . I thought that I would have to go out like a Democrat and make babys