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March 3, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- Oakland A's baseball prospect Michael Nolan was fatally shot in Yonkers, New York last year. 

Four arrests were made this week relating to the crime. 

The mother of the victim described the suspects as "loser dirtbags that took my son’s life."

Tragically, Donna Nolan won't receive the outpouring of media attention and sympathy that was afforded the mother of Trayvon Martin after he was killed in self defense four years ago. 

The media offered a cover story in which an argument escalated into a physical dispute. The media almost never admit that black racists attack white people for sport. 

Here is this week's radio show: 


From lohud.com:

The arrest of four suspects Wednesday in connection with the September fatal shooting of Oakland A's baseball prospect Michael Nolan in Yonkers will bring no peace to his family.

"They put my family through hell and they are going to pay for what they did," said Nolan’s mother, Donna, as she held back tears during a press conference at Yonkers police station today.

"I don’t want this to be about those four, loser dirtbags that took my son’s life," she said. "I don't want it to be about them. They are where they belong and that's where they will stay."

Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said that the shooting was the culmination of a Sept. 16 argument during a drag race on Tuckahoe Road. That argument led to a "physical dispute" later on Sept. 17 between the four suspects and other individuals, Gardner said.

Nolan was shot in the head and torso one day later.

While Nolan's car was not involved in the race on Tuckahoe Road that allegedly led to the shooting, he was present at the race. Gardner said police believe the four suspects were shooting at those involved in that dispute, but police do not know if Nolan was the intended target.

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