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March 18, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- Flags from 49 of the nation's 50 states fly in Salem, Oregon. 

Missing is the Mississippi flag. 

Anti-Western-culture bigots removed the flag. 

Hypocrisy reigns. 

The far left presents itself as "multicultural" and pretends to be "diverse," "inclusive," and "tolerant."

Confederatephobes, however, have no tolerance for Southern culture. That culture has no seat at the regressive left's table of multiculturalism. The diversity of leftism is limited to those it can exploit. All others are not included. 

Confederatephobes reject the Mississippi flag because it embeds the Confederate flag. The regressive left has propagated the myth that the flag represents white supremacy and slavery, always failing to note that:

• The first legal slave owner in the colonies was a black tobacco farmer named Anthony Johnson. 

• Countless thousands of free blacks owned black slave labor in the antebellum South. 

• Thousands of black Confederate soldiers bore arm and fought for the South during the Civil War. 

• The first black military officers in American history were Confederates. 

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