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January 6, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- While the pseudo-feminist movement hates the iconic 1950s housewife, we believe the women who engineered Western culture prior to the cultural Marxism implosion are admirable; even heroic. 

Case in point: a housewife from Ft. Wayne, Ind. named Marion O'Brien Donovan was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2015.

In 1949 Donovan took to her sewing machine (a symbol of oppression to pseudo-feminism) and created the world's first waterproof diaper cover.

She sold her patent and company for $1-million, a huge sum in the post WW2 era. 

During her career as a housewife (1951 to 1996), Donovan was granted 20 patents. Among her inventions are: facial tissue box, storage container box, towel dispenser, hosiery clamp, envelope and writing sheet combination, and closet organizer.

DentaLoop is also Donovan's invention. It's a two-ply dental floss that eliminates the need to wrap floss around the finger when using. 

Donovan died on November 4, 1998, at the age of 81.

• When listening to the jabbering of pseudo-feminism, we get the false impression that women prior to the cultural Marxism implosion did nothing but bake great cookies and make babies. Granted, those are two talents unique to women, but the women who managed homes can be credited with building and maintaining the infrastructure of Western culture. 

That is why cultural Marxism embraces its misogynistic approach to housewives. 

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  1. yes everything normal is odd now and everything odd is normal thanks cultural marxism.

  2. A good woman is the cornerstone of a good family.
    Why or how a mother/wife could take anything but pride from that station,I don't know?