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January 23, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- A teacher in Florida segregated her first grade class by eye color. 

Those with blue eyes — whom we presume were mostly white — were treated with privilege in the form of hugs and candy. Children with brown eyes were given nothing, leaving some in tears. 

The school principal said the lesson was unauthorized and should not have happened.

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The lesson was presented the day after Martin Luther King Day during which children were compelled to subject their impressionable minds to a movie about King which, we assume, was a cultural Marxism indoctrination film.

Parents complained.

The display of stupidity occurred in Minneola.  

• We wonder why the students were not segregated by content of character. Those who have a propensity for knock-out game punches, a high homicide rate, and an addiction to government welfare programs and drugs could have been segregated from those who were not sociopaths. 

The less on would be that Americans who behave like savages will be treated like savages and those who behave civilly will be treated civilly.

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