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December 8, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A woman's rights activist claims one-third of brides in Turkey are underage.

Nuriye Kadan suggested her calculation is conservative. The number of underage brides is probably higher than one-third of the total.

There are 181,036 child brides in Turkey, she said.

Pseudo-feminists in America have yet to speak out against the Islamic practice of child brides. They do, however, invest considerable time ridiculing the 1950s American housewife.

 The so-called "progressives" depend on the Muslim migrant vote.

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  1. The United States imports various products from third world nations.Regarding the Muslim country of Turkey,figs and dates from Turkey are in our local grocery stores.We need to really check the country of origin on the products we purchase.We are enriching the very people who want to destroy us.It is time to boycott not only third world products but establishments run by third world people.