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October 11, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Kenn's Law #8 says, "We tend to find what we're looking for."

With that principle in mind, we borrow from David Icke's notion of 'perception deception' to demonstrate how the media distracts our thinking.

For example: Most of the world's population are focused on the economic disparity that exists between Western Europe and Third-world nations. They are NOT focused on the fact that the abject poverty level has dropped -- for the first time in human history -- to below the 10 percent level.

Our attention is focused on the economic disparity between the United States and Latin America. We are not focused on the fact that virtually all the innovations that enhance the lives of Latin Americans is due to the inventions of white people.

The objective of cultural Marxism is to remove the economic disparities. In so doing, Marxism will also remove the economic prosperities.

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Kenn interviews South Africa's Henri le Riche
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